Condensation and mould in your property? Mould forming in corners, behind cupboards, dripping wet window bottoms and sills..?

Condensation is a real problem within your home, it causes damp and mould to form.

Damp problems in bungalow Burnley, nelson colne, clitheroe..

Bad condensation in my home around skipton, ilkley and surrounding areas.

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During the winter months condensation becomes an even bigger problem when you have the heating on and windows closed.

In particular, bungalows are susceptible to this problem. Poor ventilation causes air to become stale and causes mould growth and damp spores to form..

Gastec have years of experience in the heating and ventilation industry, we can install a PIV system within your property that will combat the damp and mould within your home.

We supply and install Positive Input Ventilation systems.

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