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Power flushing Burnley

Keeping your central heating system clean is a must if you expect your boiler to run smoothly and give you years of untroubled service!

Modern combination boilers are very sensitive to any corrosion within the central heating system

If your system contains particulated rust, it will over time cause a number of problems and will affect the performance of the boiler


Pump failure, over heating, sensor failure, excessive noise, un-even heat distribution,

cold spots on radiators, leaks, banging, poor efficiency, increased fuel usage,

poor starting, vibration, poor hot water delivery, sticking valves, and general poor running

Gastec provides a full and comprehensive power flush and chemical treatment to your central heating system, we cover the whole east lancashire area, we also cover Rochdale Oldham Milnrow Littlebourgh Skipton and the Dales

If you have had a quote from British Gas for a power flush we can usually beat the quote by up to 50%

Power flush Prices: Start from £300.00

This includes chemicals, machine hire and labour

Call Gastec 01282 863062

power flush in burnley? had a quote from british gas for a power flush? we can usually beat their quote by up to 50%, power flush Accrington, power flush Rochdale and Greater Manchester, at Gastec we power flush and cover most of the Lancashire area, powerflushing is a must for a healthy boiler