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At Gastec we are experts in direct feed, low water content gas central heating system design and installation.

High efficiency central heating systems, specificaly designed to suit your property

Looking for central heating in Burnley, Nelson, Colne, Barnoldswick, Thornton in Craven, Skipton, North West Lancashire, West Yorkshire,

If you are looking to save money on your gas central heating and hot water bills, then read on

Back in the day when gas was relatively cheap, little consideration was given to central heating system design, in fact a lot of central heating systems fitted over the past thirty years were very poorly designed, pipe work was over sized and the systems contained far too much water.

Unfortunately these systems are still in our homes today and although you may have had a new high efficiency combination boiler installed your installer may not of advised you of your highly inefficient system layout.

For instance, if you previously had a tank and cylinder type system with an old regular boiler or back boiler unit and you upgraded to a combination boiler, your hot water could be taking a very long route through your old pipe work and around your home to your taps and radiators and in turn your boiler is heating far more water than it actually needs to.

You may have noticed a significant reduction in your gas bills following a boiler upgrade but just think how much more you could save by upgrading your central heating pipe work to a low water content system by Gastec.

At Gastec we design every central heating and hot water system to take the shortest route possible to every outlet.Think of it this way; if you boil a kettle to make a hot drink, you wouldn’t fill your kettle to the brim just for a cup of tea? Obviously your central heating system layout isn’t visible and therefore its something you wouldn’t think of.  

At Gastec we've been installing gas central heating systems and boilers for over twenty years and we know from working on a large number of properties that most heating systems are so inefficient the user is literally throwing money away..

For example, if your current old design heating system contains 160ltrs of water and you only need 80ltrs to do the same job, then that’s 50% more water being heated by your boiler. Most old design central heating systems where installed using copper pipes, we all know that copper is a great conductor of heat so you would think it would be the best material to use!

Copper also has a high heat loss value if it is not insulated, its highly likely that your copper pipes are not insulated under your floor boards so just think how much heat is being lost between the boiler and the radiators? OK the heat lost from the inside of the pipes is still in your property, but under your floor boards there are gaps and draughts where the heat can be lost, the exposed pipe work is cooled within these voids and therefore less heat is transferred to your radiators..

At Gastec we use low water content barrier pipes in all our central heating installations. Barrier pipe has a high heat transfer rate with very low heat loss value, therefore the water heated by your boiler is transferred direct to your radiators and hot water taps faster with minimum heat loss. So think how much you could save on your gas bills just by reconfiguring the design of your heating and hot water system.

At Gastec we design every central heating and hot water system specifically for each property, we use the shortest possible pipe runs to each radiator and hot water tap, we use low water content barrier pipes of small diameter to ensure your boiler is only heating the amount of water needed to reach the correct temperature quickly and efficiently, we ensure all radiators are fed by individual circuits in order to achieve ultimate control and comfort, along with the use of thermostats and controls we guarantee to save you money on your gas bills.

We are Vaillant approved advance installers, we provide 5 and 7 years warranty's on Vaillant eco-tec pro and eco-tec plus boilers.

Vaillant are market leaders in gas central heating boilers and along with Vaillant's confidence in their products we have welcomed the Vaillant Advance scheme.

Based in Colne Lancashire, we cover Lancashire and West Yorkshire including the following area's. Burnley, Nelson, Colne, Earby, Barnoldswick, Thornton in Craven, Skipton, Cononley, Steeton, Grassington, Clitheroe, Blackburn, Accrington, Chorley, Preston, Greater Manchester, Cheshire,

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